Current Projects



Natural Language Processing Database
I am current working on a software project that I have done experiments on and off for many years. This involves the combination of XML, relational logic databases and natural language processing interfaces.



Past Projects


Auction Browser
In July of 1999, I created the Auction Browser software (Win 95/98/NT/2000) for ZCurve Software. It is a full featured browser with the built in tracking features for monitoring eBay(tm) auction that you are interested in, as either the buyer or seller. The Auction Browser software was acquired by Beyond Solutions in November of 1999.

Auction Browser Web Site

In mid 1998, I created the web site for ZCurve. This is a large portal site that provides quick links to most of the popular sites on the Internet. You can also do quick searches using multiple search engines.

Please be sure and visit

and for the iPad



Visual MacStandardBasic
In 1997, I wrote Visual MacStandardBasic for the Macintosh. This included the visual development environment, compilers, and runtime packages. It was a popular product for ZCurve Software. Visual MacStandardBasic was acquired by Squirrel Software in February, 2000.



Advanced Rocket Flight Simulator
I worked on a software project with Greg Brush to produce an advanced model rocket flight simulator (Win 95/98/NT/2000). This simulator will give comprehensive engineering data for the complete flight of a 1 to 10 stage rocket. This data includes gravitational forces, thrust, altitude, acceleration, drag, and mass changes. This software also optimizes payload weights and launch parameters.



ZDR1 Robotic Controllers
his is a series of single and dual processor robotic controllers that are under development. These are programmed with a new drag-n-drop programming environment.




The ADR-1 Robot
In 1993, I designed all the hardware, and software of the ADR-1 Robot for Aclypse Corporation. This is includes the ADR-1 multitasking OS, BASIC, voice recognition and speech output software. I don't think I did anything else that year except bury myself away to design the ADR-1.

Click Here for detailed description and specifications
of the ADR-1 Robot



Hypercycles 3D
In 1993, I wrote a video game for Aclypse Corporation called Hypercycles 3D.
This theme of the game was to run on a grid of a 3D arena creating walls in your trail. You also had weapons that you picked up to battle enemies also riding the grid, along with enemies flying above you. There was both a shareware and commercial version released.
This game was written in Watcom C/C++ Ver. 10 and ran under DOS (actually using a 32-bit DOS extention).



Several months before I started work on Hypercycles 3D, I wrote a side scrolling adventure game
called Bazzle. The name Bazzle for the main character who would uses tumbling, flips, and items he picked up to defeat the enemies along his way.



In 1990, I designed and wrote the GTerm
Graphical BBS Server and Terminal software. This software was designed to allow both PC and Mac users a graphic and icon interface to popular BBS's. Since the dominant modems were still only 2400 baud, all the graphics and icons were preinstalled in the software package. The BBS could download new icons if needed.



Networked Manufacturing Microcontroller
In 1991, I created a series of manufacturing microcontrollers. These controllers contained a control keypad & LCD display and could be networked using a custom '1 wire' network connected to PC's. This allowed the PC's to monitor
the controllers which were easily connected to existing manufacturing equipment.



Atari 512K Memory Card
My first computer was an Atari 800. This is still my all-time favorite computer and I have several of them. There is something pure about having complete control of a computer in assemby language.
When working on another project I noticed how cheap 512K Static Ram chips had become, less than $20. So one weekend, I designed a 512K Memory Card with battery backup for the Atari 800.

Check out the Atari 512K Memory Card




There are several more projects that I have not posted yet. I will do so when I get a chance and when friends remind me of ones that I have forgotten about.